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Franz Ackermann was born in 1963 in Neumarkt, Germany. He had graduated from Art Academy of Munich in 1988. After his visit of Hong Kong for DAAD, he is now working based in Berlin and Karlsruhe. He is one of the young artists of Germany and he has been having his exhibition all the countries of the world. His past main solo exhibitions are "tourist" (Lenbachhaus House Gallery, Munich, 2004) and "Seasons in the sun" (Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 2002)

Theme of his work is always related to traveling. He actually travels around the world and gets all sort of subjective images that he owns from each country. Mobility from the associations of the act of travel and globalization are inextricably linked to the theme of his work. His work is composed of completely different category and that makes strong spatial representation. For instance, painting, drawing, wall paintings, photography, architecture mock-up, sculpture and different sort of medias and styles are conflicting with one another, but to be expressed a wide variety of story within his work. The core part of his work consists this basic and traditional technique in fine arts, but it seems to break down the boundary between this category of painting and architecture, photography and sculpture. This full spirit of his work approaches to the audience.

Ackerman is staying in Tokyo from March 1 to produce his installation work in here Tomio Koyama Gallery.


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Franz Ackermann