press release

Free Play
1 jun - 27 aug 2017

When we play, we test our limits and develop our understanding of others and our environment. The exhibition Free Play tells a Swedish history of play with an underlying socio-changing agenda. The exhibition displays contemporary art in relation to a historical archive, including material from The Model. A Model for a Qualitative Society (1968) and The Balloon at Råby (1969). Children’s play today is viewed in an international context, in works by Johanna Billing, Gabo Camnitzer, Adelita Husni-Bey, Mats Eriksson Dunér, Priscila Fernandes, Jacob Kirkegaard and Alicja Rogalska. The exhibition is the culmination of The Balloon – Play for Real, a two-year social art project in Råby, Västerås.

In collaboration with Västmanlands läns museum and Konstfrämjandet Västmanland.

Curator: Katrin Ingelstedt.