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Dublin City Gallery | Charlemont House, Parnell Square North
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Anachronistic in a secular society where almost every object has a defined function and end use, the works of artists Mark Garry, Pádraig Timoney and Hayley Tompkins expose and explore possibilities of contingency and transformation.

The over saturation of information we receive in our hypermodern, post-global era continues to expand and accelerate. As witnessed in the fashions of the entertainment industry, the ever widening and rationalising sphere of technology results in the solidification and stagnation of our avenues of perception.

Frequency raises questions of ethics and value that emerges in the work of these artists and their relationship to aesthetics. It encourages a reappraisal of the established views of reality and provide us with points of departure for alternative frameworks with which we may rethink our perceived knowledge of the world.

Mark Garry’s work stems from a fundamental interest in observing how humans navigate the world and the subjectivity inherent in these navigations.

Pádraig Timoney’s work, informed by the way meaning is constructed in and through art, juxtaposes concepts and languages to create layers of signification which viewers are invited to disentangle.

Hayley Tompkins has become associated with the small, lo-tech, unframed watercolour drawings that are installed, often staged, with the viewer's physical encounter in mind.

Curated by Michael Dempsey Head of Exhibitions

Frequency: Mark Garry, Padraig Timoney, Hayley Tompkins
Kurator: Michael Dempsey