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Few painters have captured the public's imagination with such force as Frida Kahlo. Organized in celebration of the centenary of her birth, this exhibition focuses on the artist's extraordinary self-portraits. The first American exhibition solely dedicated to Kahlo's work in over a decade, it explores the relationship between her art and her life by examining hauntingly seductive and often brutal self-portraits in addition to works that amplify her sense of her own identity.

Painting, for Kahlo, was a way of exorcising pain, fortifying her will, and confirming her hold on life. The array of self-portraits examines the direct dialogue she enabled between artist and viewer, emphasizing the deeply personal nature of these works. Several masterpieces included present Kahlo's responses to specific events in her life.

The exhibition catalogue presents new insights into her work through several essays by both American and Mexican scholars, including one by Hayden Herrera based on more than 20 years of research concerning the life and work of the artist.

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Frida Kahlo

27.10.07 - 20.01.08 Walker Art Center, Minneapolis
20.02.08 - 18.05.08 Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia
14.06.08 - 28.09.08 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art , San Francisco