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Mexican artist Frida Kahlo began painting in 1926, while recovering from a near-fatal bus accident, and soon became captivated by the medium's expressive possibilities. She filled her canvases with vibrant colors, powerful compositions, and revealing depictions of intensely personal struggles — the traumatic accident, her ongoing health problems, miscarriages, and her tumultuous relationship with her husband, Diego Rivera. Kahlo's blunt style, influenced by Mexican folk art, and her fantastical imagery earned her recognition among the Surrealists, but her intriguing persona and unmistakable originality propelled her beyond the confines of a specific movement to become a leading figure in the history of modern art. This exhibition brings together some 45 paintings that span her career along with a selection of her own collection of photographs, most of which have never been on public display.

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Frida Kahlo

27.10.07 - 20.01.08 Walker Art Center, Minneapolis
20.02.08 - 18.05.08 Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia
14.06.08 - 28.09.08 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art , San Francisco