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CARTE BLANCHE Every year the Palais de Tokyo gives an artist carte blanche. This carte blanche is a powerful concept that structures the Palais de Tokyo's programming. The artist, placed at the center of the decision-making process, is free to devise and stage more than an exhibition, a real program. This carte blanche to an artist, revealing a kind of map of the artist's brain, desires and influences all at the same time, is an opportunity to tackle the processes of creation and esthetic cross-fertilization from a novel angle. Artists are never where we expect them to be. The way they look not only at our reality and our everyday life, but also at the works of their contemporaries is unique and illuminating.

Jeremy Deller After Ugo Rondinone in 2007, this year Jeremy Deller is being offered carte blanche to come up with an exhibition. Born in 1966 in London where he lives and works, Jeremy Deller was awarded the prestigious Turner Prize in 2004. His multi-form body of work brings several artistic disciplines into play, combining a passion for music, social phenomena and popular traditions. Jeremy Deller succeeds in bringing these separate realities into dialogue with one another by creating unexpected meeting grounds. Thus for the project Acid Brass (1997) he got a traditional brass band from a Manchester factory to play pieces of acid house music.

From one revolution to another Taking as his starting point the "Folk Archive" collection which assembles British folklore items and documents, such as customized motorbike helmets, collections of tattoos, or banners from demonstrations, D'UNE RÉVOLUTION À L'AUTRE (From one revolution to another) follows a path that takes us from the British Industrial Revolution to the contemporary digital revolution. Thus we witness in turn the history of electronic music in the Soviet Union in the 1920s, the birth of rock-'n'-roll in France based on the Golf Drouot in the 1960s, and life in industrial Northern Britain in the 1970s. The exhibition, devised in collaboration with 9 other guests – Peter Clare, Ed Hall, Alan Kane, Scott King, Matthew Price, William Scott , Andrei Smirnov, Marc Touché, White Columns – invited by Jeremy Deller, presents archives, previously unpublished photographs, films and audiotapes in which Eddy Mitchell, Léon Theremin, glam-rock singers and English wrestlers, the Happy Mond ays, a mechanical elephant, etc. are all muddled up together.

From a revolution to another
Carte Blanche à Jeremy Deller

mit Jeremy Deller, Ed Hall, Alan Kane, Scott King, Matt Price, William Scott, Andrei Smirnov, Marc Touche