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There are many features in and around SMART Project Space’s new location that remind the visitor of its former function as a Pathological Anatomical Laboratory. Instead of leaving the past behind, SMART Project Space decided to unearth the remnants of this background and the specific character of the PAL building focussing on dissection, forensics and vanitas symbolism and other elements that are relevant to anatomical practice. This inquiry has resulted in an extensive research into the history of the building, its hidden truths and deceptions and consequently to the exhibition Fumus Fugiens (transient smoke). Nine artists have been invited to react upon the knowledge and methodology used to excavate this history. The result is a subtle and balanced presentation of works in which the intimate awareness of ones destiny emanates as a common experience that inspires divergent reactions, ranging from melancholy and fear to conspicuous mirth.

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Fumus Fugiens

mit Irene Kopelman, Peter Madden, Teresa Margolles, Francis McKee, Daniel Roth, Elisabeth Schimana & Thomas Freiler, Fabien Verschaere, Mieke van de Voort