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Gabriele Beveridge, Erika Hock, Rita McBride 'Affected by Objects' 18.01.2020 – 06.03.2020

With works by Gabriele Beveridge, Erika Hock, and Rita McBride, COSAR HMT presents the exhibition ‘Affected by Objects’ from 18/1/20 to 6/3/20.

A recurring motif in the three artists’ sculptural practice and their works is the reference to architectural phenomena, although they each have a different perspective; this becomes visible through their individual artistic strategies.
In her works, Gabriele Beveridge draws from the aesthetics of the consumer world and uses some of its architectural fragments, such as displays or advertising images, as the raw material for her assemblages and installations. They are reflections on the promises of the consumer world and its illusory character.

Erika Hock’s works explore the boundaries between art, architecture, and design. Her works always have a complex reference system that stems from the tradition of design and architecture yet always tries to find the ambiguities between aesthetic ambivalence and functional rigor.

Rita McBride’s Templates are paradoxical objects that depict an existence somewhere between abstraction and concrete presence. As architectural templates, they are rational instruments that measure and map out the world. As sculptures and a counterpart to the viewer, they are pure presence, materiality, and weight, claiming their own space.

joint gallery opening
Saturday 18.01. / 16-19H