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press release

The Kerlin Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of a new work by Mark Garry, Tony Swain, Andrew Vickery.

Mark Garry

Mark Garry's work lies somewhere between installation, sculpture, painting, drawing and the ancient art of origami. His subject is that of imagination itself. In this, a new installation for Kerlin Gallery, a single thought process is given a visual form. Involving, among other items, many, many metres of thread, a stuffed animal, folded leaves, a much loved house plant, this installation draws one in to an imaginary world where associations run free and meaning hangs in a balance.

Born in Mullingar in 1972 Mark Garry now lives and works in Dublin as an artist, curator and writer. Recent shows include 'One up one down', Dublin, 2004; Eurojet Futures RHA Gallery, Dublin, 2003; 'The National Gallery', Goethe Institute, Dublin, 2003; and 'Permaculture', Project Gallery, Dublin 2003.

Tony Swain

Using acrylic on the daily newspaper Tony Swain creates unusual, and strangely intriguing paintings. "Semiabstract designs, with chevrons and loose grids, and rudimentary evocations of perspective and special illusioni, invite direct material and aesthetic response. He engages the viewer's physical and emotional empathy as much as - or simultaneously with - intellectual speculation ' - Merlin James

Born in Lisburn, Co. Antrim in 1967, Swain graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 1990. He continues to live and work in Glasgow. Recent exhibitions include a three person show with JP Monroe and Alex Pollard at the Transmission Gallery in Glasgow. His work is in many private and public collections including San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Andrew Vickery

Andrew Vickery's paintings are never what they seem. Their deceptively simple approach to depiction invites the viewer into a world of enchantment, romance, sex and escape. His images blur distinctions between memory and imagination and creating almost timeless worlds of experience through the use of narratives and the explicit use of illusion. In previous exhibitions Vickery's painting have existed mostly as back-drops to model theatres, but for this show the paintings themselves take centre stage.

Born in Devon in 1963, Vickery now lives and works in Dublin. Recent exhibitions include a solo show, 'Do you know what you saw?' at the Douglas Hyde Gallery 2 and group shows; Permaculture, Project Gallery, 2003; The Holiday Show, RHA Gallery, 2002 and Utopias, Douglas Hyde Gallery, 1999. Vickery's recent installation at the Douglas Hyde Gallery now resides in the collection of The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin.

Mark Garry / Tony Swain / Andrew Vickery