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In George Legrady’s installation Pockets Full of Memories, the viewer chooses an object that he or she is carrying, which is scanned and the image then stored in a digital archive. The viewer can also describe the object by answering a couple of questions. The data collected in this way is stored in a database program, based of the SOM (self-organising map) technology developed by Professor Teuvo Kohonen. The program in turn organises the images and descriptions in relation to each other and reflects them on a big video screen. The program will show in close proximity those objects that it understands to have similarities. All this can also be seen on the project website, allowing users around the world to add new objects and data to the database and this way affect the art work. The work grows and changes in the course of the exhibition. It is completed only on the last day of the exhibition.

George Legrady is a professor at the University of Santa Barbara, USA. He made Pockets Full of Memories in co-operation with the University of Art and Design Medialab and Professor Timo Honkela. Other co-operation partners are Professor Teuvo Kohonen (SOM technology), C3 Center in Budapest (database application), Projekttriangle Stuttgart (visual design), CREATE lab, University of Santa Barbara (web design and realisation). Pressetext

George Legrady - Pockets Full of Memories