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10.06 - 31.07.2022 Opening: 09.06.2022 18:00

Georgia Sagri. Case_L

Case_L is the deployment, in the form of an exhibition, of artist Georgia’s Sagri practice of self-recovery and her ongoing research on the physiological and pathological conditions of the body in hyper-capitalist society.

A series of techniques (breathing, movement, voice) named IASI (recovery in greek) are used for the preparation of and self-recovery from demanding performance pieces and shared to help others in one-to-one sessions that follow a protocol of confidentiality.

Case_L is the study of a recurring case that emerged through IASI sessions, namely that of panic attack. The exhibition unfolds in Friart as a spatial, metaphysical, felt and ideological structure. Its steps include the manifestation, expression, treatment and recovery in a path favoring transversality and connectivity over the segregation of knowledge and perception.

Through attention to the diaphragm – metaphorically suggested by the artist as horizon – the exhibition opens up the possibility of recovery from the mechanisms of aggression and fragmentation in which the body is considered an extractable resource.

In Friart, Georgia Sagri continues her unique approach of the exhibition as a multi-faceted assemblage of mediums and relationships, including a week-long performance piece entitled Shelter_Refuge along with her works, drawings and writings.

In the framework of Case_L, a catalogue will be published with texts by Nicolas Brulhart, André Lepecki, Georgia Sagri and Monika Szewczyk.

15 - 23.6.2022
The performance Shelter_Refuge by Georgia Sagri will take place during regular opening hours.