press release

ZINGERpresents is pleased to announce Pleasuring the black sun a show by acclaimed German artist’s Gereon Krebber and Markus Vater.

The Black Sun (or Sol Niger) as described in Jungian theory allows an entrance into this otherwise elusive show. Jung speaks about the flipside to mankind, the crass identity of opposites that we find deep within ourselves; good vs. bad, beauty vs. ugliness, white vs. black merged into the wholeness that is us. For ‘Pleasuring the black sun’ Krebber and Vater have used their own and each other’s opposites in perception on the tangibility of thought, matter and identity to search for the soul; that lurking unaccounted for beast underneath all that which exists. The apparent clash in physical appearance between the work by both artists is counterbalanced in their joint search to visualise the transcendental qualities of matter and anti-matter alike.

The front gallery is dominated by two large scale installation pieces by each of the artists. Krebber creates a sun like orifice that descends from the window before its hollow construction out of shiny black foil swirls through the gallery as an aorta through the show. Peepholes invite the viewer to enter this sculptural experiment, only upon doing so, the piece reveals its true identity as a vessel for thoughts larger than the artists own. Vater’s mural dominating the back of the gallery taunts just another connotation of the black sun; that as the forebode of the apocalypse. These mythical landscapes stretch out before the viewer sensual and sinister. In Vater’s work these landscapes are often inhabited by the muses and demons that tantalize our subconscious minds. For the project space the two artists join forces in showing a wide array of new works that reflect on the diversity of their individual practices with a slightly lighter touch. Wall based works by Vater inform the conceptually opposite sculptural works of Krebber and vice versa. Krebber demonstrates his silken feel for surface and form where Vater demonstrates his ability to visualise and sculpt that which is intangible and only exists in our imaginary worlds. For this presentation Markus Vater will show one of his highly refined pencil drawings on linen alongside his often humorous drawings and melancholic paintings as well as a small series of soul sculptures that guise as photographs

Pleasuring the black Sun
Gereon Krebber & Markus Vater