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Gereon Lepper’s exhibition consists of seven curious machines. Six of the seven pieces are identical large black discs, exceeding human scale. They are distributed throughout the gallery according to a particular pattern. Each of the disks rotate around an axis; for one rotation to complete its course takes two weeks.

The work, entitled Zeitort ('Time-site'), includes the technical drawing for the piece, which discloses the mechanism that makes the disks turn. The slow evaporation of water in six tanks, which stand at the centre of each piece, sets the wheels in motion. As the water evaporates it draws down a plunger attached to a pulley on the axle, causing an almost imperceptible rotation.

The other component involved is a water tank. Within it a lentoid body appears and disappears without warning. This effect of surprise seems to occur against the laws of gravity. This piece, Finsteres Treiben, is activated by a compressor on a time switch, which inflates the object in the water at various intervals.

Gereon Lepper lives and works in Dusseldorf and Hattingen.

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Gereon Lepper