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The Reliance is pleased to present the first solo show in London by Dutch artist Germaine Kruip.

In Germaine Kruip's work, the position of the spectator is always under scrutiny. Her works exist only with the presence of an audience and in the absence of representational elements. Through subtle interventions in the existing surroundings of the exhibition space, Kruip transforms the active role of the spectator into that of participant: instead of viewing or gazing, he/she will experience a heightened sense of self-awareness. By staging and directing, Kruip unveils the mechanisms at play within the boundaries of institutional structures.

In ‘Daytime: Counter Composition’ the viewer enters what at first appears to be an empty gallery space. Yet there is a constantly shifting sense of light; daylight is reflected into the space as if time is accelerated. The light reanimates the space and illuminates the viewer. The room presents itself as a stage in which the visitor becomes the subject. The revolving mirrors in the windows cause the reflection from the interior of the gallery and the exterior to be fused. For one fraction of a second the viewer is visible, between the moment when the reflection of the mirror moves from outside to inside.

At the opposite end of the gallery is 'Counter Composition', a mirrored mobile that takes its form from the construction of a painting by Theo Van Doesburg. This mobile changes the composition of Van Doesburg into a reflection, which perpetually projects through the gallery. Activated by an artificial light, its reflections move through the space in the opposite direction of the natural light and shadows directed from the windows. Based on the principals of De Stijl, the original painting attempted to find forms through which universal truth could be grasped. Here that ‘universal truth’ is animated not as a contained truth but as a constant movement that is nothing but a reflection of its own surroundings.

Selected solo shows include: ‘Frieze Art Fair’, London, invited by Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (2005); ‘Rijksmuseum’, commissioned rijksbouwmeester, Amsterdam (2005); ‘Every Building is an Estimate’, Galerie Juliette Jongma, Amsterdam (2005); ‘Rehearsal’, Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany (2003) and Stedelijk Museum Bureau, Amsterdam (2002). Selected Group Shows: ‘Again For Tomorrow’ Royal College of Art (2006); ‘In This Colony/In Deze Kolonie’, Kunstfort Vijfhuizen (2004); ‘PR O4’, Bienale Puerto Rico (2004); ‘20/20 Vision’, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (2004).

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Germaine Kruip
Daytime: Counter Composition