press release

Germaine Kruip's (1970, NL) first solo exhibition at gallery Juli├Ętte Jongma, will be a sight specific installation. By mirroring the view from the gallery space -an empty appartment opposite the gallery- in the gallery space, Kruip continues her interest in doublings and dublications. By duplicating an entire view of a space (the appartment) into another space (the gallery) a contemporary interpretation of a trompe l'oeil seems to arrise. Kruip's work often deals with a strong notion of the fundamentals of displaying; for 'Every building is a estimate' the artist again turns the gaze of the visitor towards the outside, steering the viewer away from the usual exhibition walls.

In Germaine Kruip's work, the position of the spectator is always under scrutiny. Typically, she transforms the spectator's role into that of participant. Kruip's works exist only with the presence of the spectator, and in the absence of representational elements. Through subtle interventions in the existing surroundings of the exhibition space (making use of special lighting, for example, or the introduction of actors), she transforms the active role of the spectator: instead of viewing or gazing, he/she will experience a heightened sense of self-awareness. By staging and directing, Kruip unveils the mechanisms at play within the boundaries of institutional structures.

Germaine Kruip
Every building is an estimate