press release

The Kunstverein Nürnberg - Albrecht Dürer Gesellschaft is delighted to present a group exhibition with works by Julien Prévieux (b. 1974, FR), Mia Goyette (b. 1989, USA), Nona Inescu (b. 1991, RO), Rachel de Joode (b. 1979, NL) and Sandra Vaka Olsen (b. 1980, NO).

The exhibition Gestures of Tomorrow engages with social and technological inscriptions on the human body. It focuses on the interrelationship between everyday activities and digital developments, and questions their impact on our intuitive gestural vocabulary. How do new technologies affect us and what gestures do they generate?

As a means of nonverbal communication, our hands are of great importance. However, their use and significance have shifted over time, as technical automation and the standardization of work processes change the hand’s spheres of action. At the same time, these developments have led to new motion sequences that determine our body and environment.

In this exhibition, scientific and artistic inquiries into our future movements encounter physical imprints and traces of human behaviour. As hands operate a range of devices and increasingly occupy our field of vision, the hand is examined in its function not only as a tool and instrument, but also as a metaphor of the individual and the tactile. The exhibition also investigates the potential of human gestures to reveal and conceal, between consciousness and unconsciousness.

Curated by Judith Grobe.