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Gestures is an exhibition highlighting the artwork as action and process. Through documentation of performances, concerts and other events from the 1960s to the present day, the museum will constitute the framework for a series of spatial sound installations, performance footage and live performances. Works from the museum collection are combined with works and projects of a number of invited artists.

The exhibition Gestures is a study of how to preserve the art object for historical examination. If the performance or concert is the work, what should a museum then collect, when the object is missing? The issue is central to art after 1950, many works have been lost due to missing documentation or its lack of maintenance. The exhibition Gestures is part of a parallel research around issues related to archiving and preservation of the more volatile types of art, such as sound and performance art.

Ongoing changes in the exhibition: Gestures will focus on "gestures" both in form and content, as the exhibition is moving through changing artist presentations and a corresponding live-performance programme.

Artists from the museum colletion: Værst (DK), Yoko Ono (JP/US), Christian Marclay (US), John Cage (US), Allan Kaprow (US), Eric Andersen (DK), Aiko Suzuki (JP), Philip Corner (US) & Ann Nöel (UK) and Thomas C. Uebelherr (US).

Other artists at the exhibition: Nina Beier & Marie Lund (DK), Yvette Brackmann (US), Kerstin Cmelka (AT), Henning Christiansen (DK) & Joseph Beuys (D), Lilibeth Cuenca (DK), Brad Downey (US), Goodipal (DK), Gudrun Hasle (DK), High Heel Sisters (S), Judith Hopf (D), Illutron (DK), Frans Jacobi (DK), Kirsten Justesen (DK), Steffen Jørgensen & Allan Nicolaisen & Robert Kjær Clausen & Ditte Soria (DK), Peter Land (DK), Ann Lislegaard (DK), Paul McCarthy (US), Al Masson (F/DK), NSOM (DK), Olof Olsson (DK), Egill Sæbjørnsson (IS) & Marcia Moraes (BR), Morten Søndergaard & Jonas Breum Jensen (DK), VinylTerror & -Horror (DK) and Dr. Nexus (Bln), Matthias Wermke & Mischa Leinkauf (D) among others

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Gestures - Performance and Sound Art

Künstler: Vaerst , Yoko Ono, Christian Marclay, John Cage, Allan Kaprow, Eric Andersen, Aiko Suzuki, Philip Corner & Ann Noel & Thomas C. Uebelherr, Nina Beier & Marie Lund, Yvette Brackmann, Kerstin Cmelka, Henning Christiansen & Joseph Beuys, Lilibeth Cuenca, Brad Downey, Goodipal , Gudrun Hasle, High Heel Sisters , Judith Hopf, Illutron , Frans Jacobi, Kirsten Justesen, Steffen Jorgensen & Allan Nicolaisen & Robert Kjaer Clausen & Ditte Soria, Peter Land, Ann Lislegaard, Paul McCarthy, Al Masson, NSOM , Olof Olsson, Egill Saebjörnsson & Marcia Moraes, Morten Sondergaard & Jonas Breum Jensen, Vinyl Terror & Horror  & Dr. Nexus, Matthias Wermke & Mischa Leinkauf