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The exhibition Get Real! is produced by Splintermind in Stockholm, Museet For Samtidskunst and Kiasma Museum For Contemporary Art in Helsinki. The exhibition will open at Kiasma November 12th 2004, at MFSK Roskilde April 15th 2005. The exhibition is also planned to be screened at´Reykjavik Art Museum.

The exhibition will contain real time art pieces by Nordic artists and aims to understand what real time art is and to establish the real-time as term, to integrate so called new media in an art tradition and show the very edge of the Nordic art scene.

Get Real! deals with real time art, art that is produced and distributed to the spectator live and has the real time as a central idea. It's art that reaches the spectator in the same moment it is produced. The exhibition will be shown at Kiasma in Helsinki November 12th-January 16th and will then go to Museet For Samtidskunst April 15th – June 12th 2005.

The focus in the exhibition will be on new pieces of art created by contemporary artists. The idea has been to find artists that work with real-time art and works that relates to the idea of real time.

Several different techniques will be represented. There will be streaming, performances, conceptual projects, sound art, images and sound in integration, digital art, real time video and more.

One part of the exhibition will take place inside the exhibition hall. Another part of the exhibition will reach outside the exhibition space and use other parts of the hosting institution and also the neighbourhood outside. Different kinds of installations will use the motion in the audience inside the museum and motion in traffic and public life outside. The exhibition will use the whole museum and the city it is built in as a source for generating the art.

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Get Real! - Art in Real Time

Künstler: Elin Wikström, Peter Hagdahl , Steven Dixon & Tore Nilsson, Beeoff, Arijana Kajfes, Michael Kirkegaard, Jacob Kirkegaard, Thor Magnusson, Mogens Jacobssen, Woody Vasulka & Steinaa, Ragnar Helgi Olafsson, HC Gilje, Kreutzerkompani