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He is the man who claimed responsibility for the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger and the earthquake in California ; the one who threatened telepathically President Samper of Colombia. He is a magician possessed with the powers of levitation and disappearance. His assistants appear simultaneously in the four corners of the globe ; belly dancers work for him. He does not want to hear about the art world, but the art world needs him. He lives in Geneva and speaks with an Italian accent. His name : Gianni Motti.

A former pickpocket plaguing the area of the Piazza dell Signora in Milan, he is the man who transforms police stations into posh hotels. He proposes the construction of mosques facing cathedrals. Elusive, he encourages illegality and mobility. He lives in New York and speaks with a Kosovar accent. His name : Sislej Xhafa.

For their first exhibition in New York, Gianni Motti and Sislej Xhata join forces with Vatican Swiss Guards and Casino workers.

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Gianni Motti and Sislej Xhata