press release

Confronted with the new school year “compulsory” subject, the narrative of their summer holidays, the artists of Gallery Anne Barrault played the game freely, each answering in an original way through video, photography, drawing...So, Philippe Bazin, with a video diptych, turns his attention to those who do not leave, Aki Ikemura tilts the Eiffel Tower towards a mysterious star, Ramuncho Matta makes the glass of the gallery window ring.

A pretext, as a joke, to celebrate the opening of the gallery seven years ago, and in this way gather its different artists. What are holidays made of ? A landscape in its setting, a halt in the middle of rythm, constructed memories, fantasizing about exoticism....To start off with a subject in order to go beyond it, to twist it or ignore it. “Summer holidays” as a space left empty for a postcard, a drawing, a jalousie, a bunker, a deserted sea resort...

Félicia Atkinson

only in german

grandes vacances

mit David B , Gabriele Basilico, Philippe Bazin, Katharina Bosse, Philippe Calandre, Catharina van Eetvelde, Jochen Gerner, Aki Ikemura, Manuela Marques, Ramuntcho Matta, Philippe Mazaud, Guillaume Pinard, QUBO GAS , Magdi Senadji, Heidi Wood