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Grenville Davey exhibits sculptures that assert non-site-specific, self-contained objects. Davey’s sculptures refer ambiguously to objects from everyday life, yet the fact that they have obviously been made by the artist suggests that the works keep their distance from the kind of neo-Dadaism, or neo-Popism, which is prevalent in the work of other young British artists.

Prior to this exhibition, Davey had been using various timbers, exquisitely finished, thus placing a stronger emphasis on craftsmanship. Seen in a gallery context, but appearing to belong somewhere else, Davey’s work problematises conventional notions of the relationship between art and utility.

Grenville Davey was born in Launceston, Cornwall in 1961. He studied at Exeter College of Art and Design until 1982 and graduated from Goldsmiths College in 1985. He won the Turner Prize in 1992 for the continuing development of his sculpture as seen in shows held at Kunsthalle, Bern and Kunstverein, Dusseldorf.

This exhibition was supported by Arts Council of Great Britain and The Henry Moore Sculpture Trust.

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Grenville Davey