press release

« If the set represents a town it must look like a town that has been built to last precisely two hours. One must conjure up the reality of time. Everything must be provisional yet polite.» (BB)

For Grundfrage, the CRAC Alsace acts as a kind of enormous stage, presenting a mix of art and non art, highly time-based, a dispersed gesamtkunstwerk – a neo-90s type of exhibition. It's a thematic group show, but its topic is withheld from the public and communicated purely to the artists (to keep any didacticism out of the show). The works deal with black bar, though in an oblique way. In art historical terms it carries the symbolical values of classic still life, in everyday terms it resembles the leftovers of a party. A small publication will be produced after the exhibition has closed.

only in german

GRUNDFRAGE (fundamental question)

Nils Bech, Carina Brandes, Christian Falsnaes, Harald Thys / Jos de Gruyter, Florian Hecker, Oscar Murillo, Noele Ody, Max Peintner, Jean-Michel Wicker, Geta Bratescu, Koudlam , Colin de Land, Martin Walde, Schorsch Böhme

Severin Dünser , Christian Kobald, Sophie Kaplan, Guillaume Barth