press release

The concept is simple: a contemporary artist is invited to present one of their pieces alongside a work which they have selected from the Museum collections. The resulting dialogue enables the collections to be perceived in a new light and lends a fresh resonance to their lasting modernity.

Gustave Courbet, The Trout Brice Marden, Extremes

The American artist Brice Marden has chosen The Trout by Gustave Courbet (1873), a painting which evokes the artist's imprisonment following his involvement in the Paris Commune. With its palpable sense of anguish, Courbet's painting far transcends the traditional role of the still-life. Marden, an outstanding figure of minimalist abstraction, is exhibiting his Extremes for the first time, a diptych in which space vibrates with layers of matter in a complex play of linear colour.



Gustave Courbet, The Trout
Brice Marden, Extremes