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Haegue Yang
In the Cone of Uncertainty
November 2, 2019–April 5, 2020
Opening Reception: November 2, 7–9pm, for Haegue Yang

Bringing together new and existing works spanning the last decade, In the Cone of Uncertainty presents a selection of Yang’s oeuvre ranging from light sculptures and blind installations to anthropomorphic sculptures and mural-like, graphic wallpaper pieces. The exhibition foregrounds Haegue Yang’s persistent curiosity about the world and tireless experimentation with materializing the complexity of identity politics.

Yang’s works are known not only for their diversity of media and methods, but also for their eloquent and unique sculptural language of visual abstraction, frequently derived from her research on historical figures, events and phenomena. Interweaving narratives with materiality, Yang mobilizes industrially produced commonplace items, sensorial devices and labor-intensive handicraft techniques, aiming to create conceptually complex, culturally diverse and sensually immersive works. Often evoking performative, sonic and olfactory perceptions, her multisensory environments appear familiar, yet engender bewildering experiences of time and place.

The exhibition’s title is taken from a common expression, ubiquitous to South Florida, used to describe the probable track of a tropical cyclone or hurricane. Aside from this particular usage, the term alludes to an eagerness to track our largely unstable and always changing future. Referencing this meteorological model of statistics, the exhibition investigates current anxieties related to climate change, overpopulation and resource scarcity, in addition to seemingly different topics, such as movement, displacement, migration, diasporas and history writing.