press release

On the 10th of May 2003, Mário Sequeira Gallery opened an individual exhibition of Hans-Christian Schink’s photographic work. The exhibition consists of a total of 13 photographs, some of with large dimensions, which were specially selected for this show at Mário Sequeira Gallery.

“Hans-Christian Schink’s photographs pay testimony to the author’s fundamental ambivalence: an inexorable desire to focus on detail on one hand, and an ironic-reflective reserve on the other. These contradictory impulses run through the entire work. Their general range of interpretation appears biographical, as their motifs reflect the wakeful attentiveness with which the photographer observes the changes in the environment in which he lives. Signs of alienation and fascination run through the pictures against this backdrop. Just like their predecessors, this series continues the critical appraisal of the relationship between culture and nature, which has been the focus of Hans-Christian Schink’s work for some time. History is not communicated in the recording of events; it is instead visited in tangible structures. There are no photographs of the people for whom these structures were built. The photographs reveal the traces of their presence and their actions in the perspective of a consciously misunderstanding viewpoint. It is an attempt at archaeology without defining any particular time or era, and it is in this way a photographic commentary on the modern age in western civilization.


Hans-Christian Schink