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The first image is an archival black and white photograph showing the empty auditorium of the Academy Theatre, the cinema that once stood where Mercer Union does today. The centre of the image is blown out as if the beam of the projector shone directly on the photographer standing at centre stage. The caption reads: “Today, the building remains almost the same as when movies were shown there, changing hands and purpose almost yearly.” In the course of renovating the facility into a gallery, walls have been added in front of the existing ones to allow the works to be hung on plain white surfaces and the lighting has changed to provide a so-called “neutral” experience of the artworks, while the ceiling, in all its ornamentation, has been preserved. This updated site is the location of the exhibition Hapax Legomena — meaning things that only occur once — after a series of films of the same name by Hollis Frampton. (...)

With Isabelle Cornaro, Julien Crépieux, Aurélien Froment, Mark Geffriaud, Cyrille Maillot, Benoît Maire, Benoît-Marie Moriceau, Bruno Persat, Chloé Quenum and Raphaël Zarka.

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Hapax Legomena
Kuratoren: Elodie Royer, Yoann Gourmel

Künstler: Isabelle Cornaro, Julien Crepieux, Aurelien Froment, Mark Geffriaud, Cyrille Maillot, Benoit Maire, Benoit-Marie Moriceau, Bruno Persat, Chloe Quenum, Raphael Zarka