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The resulting drawings, paintings, photographs, texts, scrawls, gloops, doodles, collages and comic strips are as gloriously primitive as their musical forbears, embracing Smith's free thinking psychedelic sensibilities Plan B magazine

Harry Smith Anthology Remixed makes its Scottish premier at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow, following a successful tour to Sheffield and Newcastle upon Tyne.

The exhibition brings together the work of 84 leading artists and musicians, who have been invited to make a visual artwork in response to one track each from the groundbreaking music release the Anthology of American Folk Music. The Anthology was edited by seminal New York artist, musicologist and experimental filmmaker Harry Smith, and first published by Folkways in 1952.

The Anthology was comprised entirely of recordings issued between 1927 (the year electronic recording made accurate reproduction possible) and 1932 when the Depression stifled folk music sales. The Anthology is considered to be one of the most important collections of information in modern society, creating a folk canon and contributing to numerous folk revival movements.

This exhibition aims to create a new visual collection of the Anthology, to continue the collective history and revival of the work, as seen through the eyes of contemporary visual artists and musicians. The exhibition includes artists from Europe, Japan and the US, reflecting a diverse and exciting range of practice including: visual art, outsider art, comic book, design, craft and illustration.

Exhibition curated by Rebecca Shatwell,

Contributing artists include: Scottish artists including: Luke Fowler, Ross Sinclair, David Sherry, Rob Churm, Zoe Irvine, Derek Lodge, Vernon & Burns, Heather Leigh Murray Major figures from the current new folk music scene including Animal Collective, Espers and Feathers Seminal British folk singer Vashti Bunyan Members of the psychedelic and freak folk scene such as Yamataka EYE of Japanese cult band Boredoms, John Olson of Wolf Eyes and C. Spencer Yeh of Burning Star Core Legendary soundtrack composer and musician Michael Nyman Post-punk collage artist Linder Innovative artists collectives from the US including: Royal Art Lodge, Paper Rad and Dearraindrop Outsider visual artist and member of Half Japanese Jad Fair Author, prankster and founder of the KLF Bill Drummond Paul D.Miller aka DJ Spooky, New York hip hop musician and turntablist

Harry Smith Anthology Remixed
Kurator: Rebecca Shatwell

Künstler: Dave Allen, Jonathan Allen, Diane Barcelowsky, Marcia Bassett, Eric Beltz, Hisham Bharoocha, Jesse Bransford, Vashti Bunyan, Jelle Crama, Jaron Childs, Rob Churm, Marcus Coates, Karen Constance, Christian Cummings, Dearraindrop , Arrington di Dionyso, Graham Dolphin, Bill Drummond, Jorn Ebner, Espers , Peter Evans, Yamataka Eye, Jad Fair, Feathers Family , Kyle Field, Alec Finlay, Devin Flynn, Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, Luke Fowler, Chris Graham, Susie Green, Doug Harvey, Rama Hoffpauir, Dan Howard-Birt, Zoe Irvine, Rich Jacobs, juneau/projects/ , Seth Kelly, Jeffrey Lewis, Linder Sterling, Derek Lodge, Lone Twin, Robert AA Lowe, Ant Macari, The Matinee Orchestra , Maya Miller, Gean Moreno, Heather Leigh Murray, Michael Nyman, Dylan Nyoukis, John Olson, John Orth, Paper Rad , Mike Pare, Plastic Crimewave , Dave Portner, Devin Powers, Adam Putnam, The Rebel , Ginnie Reed, Clare E. Rojas, Chris Rollen, Arik Roper, Giles Round, The Royal Art Lodge , Mathew Sawyers, David Sherry, Ross Sinclair, Paul D. Miller, Andre Stitt, Philip Taaffe, Vernon & Burns , Daryl Waller, Flora Whiteley, Michael Wilson, Simon Woolham, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, C. Spencer Yeh, Yokoland , zoviet france