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This exhibition has been made possible by the kind support of the Consulate General of Switzerland, New York. Every day I am astonished anew by the straightforward way cats change direction and by how life continues on its way while producing the most vivid images at the same time. On walks through the city, a small video camera is an ideal notebook. -Eric Hattan

Liquid Concrete features Swiss artist Eric Hattan in the main space, with New York based photographer, Zoe Leonard in the lounge and Belgian artist Michel François in the library. An antidote for the over-saturated eye, Eric Hattan's videos from his work Beton Liquide, or, LIQUID CONCRETE, enable us to take a break between the rush and hurry of our visual world. On fifteen monitors, placed around the gallery, Hattan reveals his camera's observances. Short, quiet incidents are caught on film and looped, very much like the blowing plastic bag of American Beauty, but without the dramatization, without the artist's addition of music, melancholy or nostalgia. The works are like video ready-mades, the camera records minor occurrences: a curtain blowing, a basketball thrown through a hoop, water pouring out of a drain pipe, the changing light, cast on a billboard on the side of a building.

The minor occurrence is given a moment's importance, as with Zoe Leonard's photographs, which depict the urban mystery of plastic bags, caught and blowing on the branches of trees. Michel François' project, Action/La Plante En Nous is comprised of a series of spontaneous actions, or as he calls them, '120 moments of irony and beauty.'

Taking the incidental as subject matter, their works introduce a new preoccupation at the SI: looking at what happens in the time and space "between", so that this exhibition is portrayed as a sort of intermission. This theme of intermission or entr'acte will recur unexpectedly in the SI's programming this year, challenging the accepted notion of an exhibition having defined beginning and end points. The repetition and incidental beauty of the works in liquid concrete will serve as a kind of trailer, introducing the idea that exhibitions do not begin or end, but rather flow and linger. Special thanks to Paula Cooper Gallery and Barbara Gladstone Gallery. Pressetext

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Eric Hattan - Liquid Concrete
Lounge: Zoe Leonard
Library: Michel François
Lobby: Eddie Chu