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Instead of reducing their diverse enterprises into a singular proposal, Having Differences celebrates the immutable individuality and inevitable needs of experimentation of seven emerging LA-based artists. Curated by Kevin Hanley, Steve Hanson and Paul Judelson, this exhibition brings forth the cultural, ethnic and idiosyncratic differences that coexist in everyday Los Angeles, gathering the diverse process, practices and ideas contained in these works. From a 16mm science-fiction film to narratives about the trafficking of drugs and art, to the creation and marketing of denim wear, the different approaches generate an intriguing dialogue between the artists’ widely varied mediums. Each artist contributes his or her own unique -and sometimes offbeat- perspectives concerning the complexity of the contemporary panorama.

In the center of the gallery, Will Benedict will exhibit his “Long-Ass” sculpture (a wood tabletop cut out to unveil his buttocks or whomever stands in front of it). Works on paper by David Deany range from tactile, sculptural abstractions to romantic scenarios, which often engage the rhetorical as well as the absurd. Marie Jager’s 16mm silent film is based on excerpts from Karel Capek’s book “Rossum Universal Robots”. The scenes take place on an island somewhere on planet earth. Miles away in a remote location, on the coast of Mexico, Eduardo Sarabia is photographed loading boxes into a small plane, starting its journey to NY, where the contents will hopefully be unveiled. Eric Wesley, in an attempt to create his own fashion line, demonstrates his unique marketing devices and production methods through displaying his “Jeans Theory”. Laurie Nye has contributed a vivid diptych painting, showing a river crowded with half-submerged legs and lily pads, somehow toying with underlying meanings and subversive issues. Jacob Melchi’s sarcastic and tautological works on paper are hung meticulously salon style, illustrating through diagrams and brief narratives several concepts, including the organization of a group show.

Kevin Hanley is a visual artist who lives and works in Los Angeles and is currently teaching at Art Center in Pasadena. His work is currently on view at Artspeak, Vancouver, BC and has been exhibited at Cine y Casi Cine, Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid (2004), Uneasy Space, SITE Santa Fe (2003), and the 50th Venice Biennial (2003). He is represented by I-20, ACME., Los Angeles, and Taka Ishii, Tokyo. Steve Hanson is the owner and director of China Art Objects, Los Angeles, and Paul Judelson is the owner and director of I-20.


Having Differences
Kuratoren: Kevin Hanley, Steve Hanson, Paul Judelson

mit Will Benedict, David Deany, Marie Jager, Jacob Melchi, Laurie Nye, Eduardo Sarabia, Eric Wesley