press release

HEIMVORTEIL. Deutsche Künstler aus der Sammlung Schaufler
28.10.2018 - 30.06.2019

Under the title HEIMVORTEIL the SCHAUWERK Sindelfingen features a selection of more than 100 works by German artists from the Schaufler Collection. The exhibition thus offers a multifarious overview of painting, sculpture and light art of the last 60 years in Germany.
ZERO avant-garde positions by Leo Erb, Heinz Mack and Günther Uecker represent an important section of German post-war art history in the exhibition. From the end of the 1950”„s these artists strived for a new beginning in art with a reduced design vocabulary and new materials.
Another main focus of the exhibition is on representatives of Concrete Art such as Günther Förg and Ulrich Erben as well as Minimalist works by Imi Knoebel. Large-format paintings by Georg Baselitz, A.R. Penck and Sigmar Polke, who are among the most important artists of their generation, are also shown. With their move from the former GDR to West Germany they simultaneously represent a part of German history. Figurative sculptures by Stephan Balkenhol as well as works by Markus Oehlen and Helmut Middendorf, who belong to the Neue Wilde, exemplify the artistic awakening of the 1980”šs.

In certain works an involvement with German history and identity can be found: in a video work by Marcel Odenbach, for example, for which the artist used documentary footage; in Peter Bialobrzeski’s photographs from the series Heimat; or in Josephine Meckseper’s painting, in which sparkling gold shines seductively next to black and red.