press release

Heinz Peter Knes: Fotografische Arbeit

Welcome: Nicole Nowak (Managing Director)
Introduction: Melissa Canbaz (Curator)

Fotografische Arbeit presents research and work from various projects by the artist Heinz Peter Knes (*1969, Gemünden am Main) and places them into a new relationship with each other. The solo exhibition includes excerpts from Knes‘ photo archive, new film material and text.
The photographic process unfurls on the wall: photographs form clusters and are removed from their original context. These new constellations generate an array of formal, social and political narratives. Three stations run through the space, that dissect historical material into individual layers of meaning. The term “Arbeit” (work) also permits us to read this material within the context of political action. Knes depicts ephemera from Hannah Arendt’s archive, examines the photographs as parts of the monument ensemble of the Marx-Engels-Forum in Berlin, which tell of the struggles of the working class, and considers Tilman Riemenschneider’s work at the time of the Peasant War.

What are the indicators that determine photographic perception and how are these interpreted? In his collection of material, Knes focuses on the production, display and reading of images and their effects on the collective pictorial memory. Research and process are revealed and photographs are detached from their formal interpretation. These images are themselves at work and function within the realm of objects and processes.

Fotografische Arbeit is Knes’ first institutional solo exhibition in Germany. A handout will be available onsite and online, with a text by Dominikus Müller.

Curated by Melissa Canbaz


Supporting program:

The exhibition is accompanied by a collection of digital resources in the form of a newsletter that explore related themes, dialogs and thought processes with contributions from various artists and writers.

Guided tours:

Wednesday, 21 October, 6 pm
with Melissa Canbaz

Wednesday, 4 November, 6 pm
with Julika Wagner (curatorial assistant)

Wednesday, 18 November, 6 pm
with Melissa Canbaz

***Please bring your mask and use the extended times for your visit on the opening to avoid crowds. The exhibition can also be visited on Sunday during the new regular opening hours (2 – 6 pm).