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Henk Visch started to attract attention in the early eighties with still, almost withdrawn sculptures. In these pieces, founded on memories, dreams, impressions and associations, Visch intention is to bridge the gap between perception and experience.

Round 1981 he created stylised figures of people and animals. They are often remarkably delicately balanced, his figures seem to be balancing or even wobbling.

Visch is versatile: he also does drawings and printmaking, and does not restrict himself to the abstract or the figurative, or particular forms and materials. Visch’ introverted sculptures often have poetic titles that lead one towards an interpretation without tying the work down. At Documenta IX (1992, Kassel), for instance, Visch exhibited Idle thoughts for idle men (1991), a human figure in expanded polystyrene wrapped entirely in a piece of cloth, with a humming-top on its head. Furthermore, he represented also The Netherlands on the Biennal of Venice in 1988. His work is included in many international collections.


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Henk Visch: Focus