press release

For three weeks during July Project Arts Centre has organised a series of complementary events around its exhibitions programme. The gallery will host a performance, a public talk, and a musical act that all take place round a shifting arrangement of paintings.

YASSER AGGOUR Performance: Thursday 7 July 2005, 6pm Assistant Professor of Art Media Studies at Syracuse University NY Yasser Aggour, prior to beginning his residency at the Irish Museum of Modern Art will discuss his work in a special lecture blending the legacies of performance and conceptual art

CONSTANTIN LUSER Presentation: Thursday 14 July, 6pm The young Austrian artist Constantin Luser will create a new wall drawing for Project in addition to a presentation on his practice and recent exhibitions including the Moscow Biennial and commission for Art Basel 'Unlimited Projects' 2005.

NINA CANELL & ROBIN WATKINS Music: Thursday 21 July, 6pm Staging a collaborative experiment, Nina Canell and Robin Watkins will create new object-based works which will be integrated into a live performance of music from their newly released album 'The New Heat/Obscured by Light' along with invited friends Kompjotr Eplektrika and Mats & Jessica Majessic from Stockholm, Sweden.

CIARÁN MURPHY Paintings: Throughout Providing a backdrop to these happenings Ciarán Murphy will arrange his work ech week in the gallery from a series of paintings currently under production. The work takes its starting point from disparate imagery that reflects and express mankind's changing vision of the natural world. A limited amount of information is given in each painting, which serves to frustrate the possibility of categorisation and identification. The meaning of one painting becomes both reliant and unhinged in the context of the wider group and it is this idea that will be explored by the artist who will exhibit three combinations of his work throughout this show.

Programmed by Gavin Delahunty


Here Comes Everybody
Programm: Gavin Delahunty

mit Yasser Aggour, Constantin Luser, Nina Canell & Robin Watkins, Ciaran Murphy