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For the inauguration of the new space, an ambitious exhibition invites contemporary artists from both shores. If any work is part of an original context and a unique history, travel and nomadism that characterizes the contemporary artist constitute an existential experience, which becomes the very place of creation. In the era of globalization, in contact with the world's diversity and cultures, one's identity is constantly revised. Forty artists from countries bordering the Mediterranean have been chosen for their ability to re-think us beings with multiple identities, perpetual evolution, and their ability to invest in the real critical thinking. They belong to the majority of the generation born in the years 1960-1970 and are of recognized internationally. Among the works on display including many new works designed for the exhibition, some treat the Mediterranean landscape. Many are questioning the notions of identity, citizenship, and the same on the other. Many strive to convey the experience of migration, exile and displacement. They also offer a view of history to the present, through the articulation of personal stories in history. Engaged with the social, political and geopolitical, they inform us about the state of the world by exploring its future mutations.

Commissioner: Juliette Laffon
Production: Marseille-Provence 2013

Friche la Belle de mai, Tour-Panorama, Marseille
41 rue Jobin 13003 Marseille
04 95 04 95 04