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The joint project of the five artists – Thomas Baumann, born in 1967 (A); Malachi Farrell, born in 1970 (Irl.); Seamus Farrell, born in 1965 (Irl.); Filippo Di Giovanni, born in 1961 (I); Fernando Palma de Rodriguez, born in 1961 (Mex.) – was prompted by the idea of the "Atelier Mental".

It is concerned with a group dynamic development of an artistic idea, which is intended to lead to a joint work. The artists introduce different methods and artistic techniques into this project.

The Graphic Cabinet serves as a venue owing to its spatial characteristics, which are particularly favourable for the development of a dense network of ideas and associations.

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Künstler: Thomas Baumann, Malachi Farrell, Seamus Farrell, Filippo Di Giovanni, Fernando Palma de Rodriguez