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Highlights from the Permanent Collection, 1980–2005 presents the opportunity to explore individual artworks as well as make new connections between them, and to learn about MOCA’s collecting mission over the past 29 years. MOCA’s holdings include approximately 6,000 artworks; 118 of them are featured in this exhibition. Curated by MOCA Curator Alma Ruiz, this installation reveals a collection of in-depth holdings by young and established artists and balances works from Southern California with those of international origin, hinting at Los Angeles’s rise as an international art center. The exhibition also alludes to the generosity and influence of local collectors—many of whom have donated works from their own collections—and an extraordinary history of support by artists, as well as the appreciation for the institution that has developed among artists, visitors, and the Los Angeles community. The diverse philosophies and perspectives springing from this community of patrons, artists, and philanthropic organizations have formed a multifaceted, vibrant, and evolving permanent collection. This presentation features works by Francis Alÿs, Michaël Borremans, Rineke Dijkstra, Félix González-Torres, Mike Kelley, Liz Larner, Dave Muller, Gabriel Orozco, and Kara Walker, among others.

Highlights From the Permanent Collection, 1980-2005

Künstler: Francis Alÿs, Michael Borremans, Rineke Dijkstra, Felix Gonzales-Torres, Mike Kelley, Liz Larner, Dave Muller, Gabriel Orozco, Kara Walker ...