press release

Hilary Lloyd’s first major solo exhibition featured minimal and seductive video works that explored the way we construct our personalities - both in private and through an engagement with society.

Chisenhale Gallery commissioned Lloyd to make a completely new work for its uncompromising 2,500 square feet space. The exhibition consisted of a system of video monitors, cables, cases and stands presented elegantly and precisely as one work with different components.

The monitors played long and unedited video portraits of Lloyd’s subjects, or collaborators, people previously unknown to the artist, approached on the street or in nightclubs to participate in the films. Lloyd is drawn to characters that forcefully project a personality that is conscious of, and compliant with being watched. Viewers of the work were invited into the same tense and intimate relationship as Lloyd’s characters have with the unblinking camera.

For these characters, the pieces were as much self-portraits as portraits. However, Lloyd was powerfully present both in the very formal presentation of the work and through the controlled energy of the videos. Utilising our boredom and securing our voyeuristic and fetishistic attention, Lloyd revealed a generosity and tenderness towards her collaborators.


Hilary Lloyd