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A holodeck is a state-of-art virtual reality facility, located on starships and star bases in the fictional Star Trek universe. First introduced in the pilot episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation: Encounter at Farpoint in 1987, holodecks became a reoccurring feature of the series for the coming seven years. New York-based artist Danna Vajda’s rendering of the holodeck envelops the entire exhibition space turning it a simulation of itself: a gallery within a gallery with the potential to transform into anything one can imagine. Unlike in Star Trek, the actual exhibition space is created with the simplest materials possible, tape and paint. Holodecks (And Other Spaces) unfolds through five sequential episodes, each with a structure that tests the idea that a holodeck is an environment loaded with infinite possibilities. In dialogue with Vajda, Berlin-based curators Aileen Burns and Johan Lundh have selected artists and artist groups to respond to the environment during weekly events. Each contributor has a practice that engages with the motives and possibilities of science fiction as both a cultural phenomenon and a space for envisioning a future horizon.

Holodecks (And Other Spaces)
Danna Vajda, Willie Brisco

mit Fia Backström, Melanie Gilligan, The Otolith Group, Patrick Staff, Superflex

Kuratoren: Aileen Burns, Johan Lundh