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From the Middle Ages to the present day The exhibition presents a specially selected group of works from the very fine collection of woodcuts housed at the Royal Collection of Graphic Art. The works date all the way from the Middle Ages to the present day. The main emphasis is placed on 16th century woodcuts; the time during which the technique reached its acme in terms of both accomplishment and dissemination.

Why woodcuts? One of the central issues addressed by the exhibition is a simple question: What is it about woodcuts that urged artists to choose this particular technique even when other and more technically sophisticated media entered the scene? The exhibition will also explain the basic elements of the woodcut technique in words and images.

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Künstler: Albrecht Dürer, Lucas Cranach, Albrecht Altdorfer, Hans Baldung Grien, Melchior Lorck, Tizian, Ugo da Carpi, Nicolo Vincentino, Paul Gauguin, Wassily Kandinsky,Raoul Dufy, Asger Jorn, Anselm Kiefer