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Throughout his career, Eduardo Chillida made a large number of tributes to certain artists with whom he felt very close, e.g., Alexander Calder, Georges Braque, Cy Twombly and Joan Miró, among others, as a token of friendship, respect, and praise and his death in 2002 highlighted the enormous esteem and respect other artists had for him. This exhibition is an example of that affinity and of that visual memory of Eduardo Chillida and his work. Within the framework of this exhibition, several contemporary artists, from Manolo Valdés to Anthony Caro and from George Baselitz to Sean Scully, express their tribute in the same way as Chillida did to other artists during his career. This homage is based not on the rhetoric of words but on the simplicity of the works that recall Chillida in the words of each artist present in the exhibition.


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Homage to Chillida

Werke von Eduardo Chillida, Alexander Calder, Georges Braque, Cy Twombly, Joan Miró, Manolo Valdés, Anthony Caro, Georg Baselitz, Sean Scully, u.a.