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HOME OFFICE OF THE FAN FICTION EMPIRE 5/04/12 - 25/05/12 PV 5/04/12 19:00 - 21:30

Bill Aitchison / Angel Rose / Darren Coffield / Sally Fuerst / Anne Wölk / Malcolm Litson / Richard Goold / Guy Oliver / Andrew Stanney / Corinna Spencer / Paul Sakoilsky / Christina Mitrense / Joey Holder / Stefano Pasquini / Daryl Brown / Ralph Dorey / Nicole Bachmann / Beatriz Olabarrieta / Gino Saccone / Evan Calder Williams / Electra Costa

Criss-cross your borders and hope to $urvive. We are in the schizo-tronic fallout from the detournable bloc-age. A harmonic wave of temporality and irrelevance drifts us ever so close to a future state. PASSPORT PLEASE!?!

REFUGEES UNITE! The inaugural HOME OFFICE OF THE FAN FICTION EMPIRE is open. Resplendent with works from over 20 visual ambassadors, it welcomes a spirited sociological approach to consumer culture-cum-borderline official media producer. Championing visual production and communication naturalised out of a DIY domestic authority, morphing completely in unimaginable ways. The H.O.F.F.E. asks the question of culture in the realm of its advancement in this hyper void.

only in german

Kuratorin: Ingrid Zee

Künstler: Bill Aitchison, Angel Rose, Darren Coffield, Sally Fuerst, Anne Wölk, Malcolm Litson, Richard Goold, Guy Oliver, Andrew Stanney, Corinna Spencer, Paul Sakoilsky, Christina Mitrense, Joey Holder, Stefano Pasquini, Daryl Brown, Ralph Dorey, Nicole Bachmann, Beatriz Olabarrieta, Gino Saccone, Evan Calder Williams, Electra Costa