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‘Home Works: A Forum on Cultural Practices’ is one of the premiere international cultural projects hosted in the Middle East. In its last two editions, Home Works has managed to reveal the strength of home-grown expression, affirming the region's and its Diaspora's cultural dynamic.

Bringing together artists, writers, intellectuals, filmmakers, critical theorists and philosophers, Home Works offers an unprecedented platform for critical exchange, literature, performance, installation, and the visual arts.

In its third edition, Home Works III: A Forum on Cultural Practices will take place this November. Participants from countries including Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Croatia, Turkey, Indonesia, Shanghai, England, France and the United States will engage in a variety of multidisciplinary interventions.

Home Works III invites cultural players to engage in a critical debate, meet with artists, practitioners, and unearth another geography, another history, and a world of voices eager to exchange.

The itinerary includes lectures, panel discussions, film and video screenings, exhibitions, performances, installations and book launches. The participants to Home Works III are the following:

PANELS: Steve Kurtz, Lynn Love & Carol Squires; Hazem Saghiyeh, Joe Bahout, & Wissam Saadeh.

LECTURES: Zuhair Jezairi; Dalal El Bizri ; Islah Jad ; Jacques Rancière; Muhammad Abi Samra ; Nadia Bamadhaj ; Natasa Ilic; Vasif Kortun.

EXHIBITS Reine Mahfouz; Tony Chakar; Shirana Shahbazi; Fondation Arabe pour l’Image (FAI): Hashem Madani; Hassan Choubassi; Joana Hadji-Thomas & Khalil Joreige; Rana El Nemr; Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil ; Yang Zhenzhong

VIDEO Ahmad Khaled; Akram Zaatari; Amal El Kenawy; Ayreen Anastas; a Balkans video program curated by Natasa Illic; Cynthia Madansky; Ghassan Halwani; Maani Petgar; Maher Abi Samra; Otolith (Anjalika Sagar& Kodwo Eshun); Raed el Helou; Raed Yassin; Omar Amiralay; Jalal Toufic

PUBLICATIONS Suhail Shadoud;Yussef Bazzi; Nadine Touma; Walid Sadek, Bilal Khbeiz & Fadi Abdullah

PERFORMANCES Ali Cherri; Mahmoud Refat; Nadim Mishlawi; Rabih Mroue & Lina Saneh ; Walid Raad & Visible Collective/Naeem Mohaiemen

Attendance is, as always, open to all and free of charge.

To register your attendance and for further information, please contact: Website:

The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts, ASHKAL ALWAN is a non-profit organization based in Beirut, Lebanon. Since 1994, it has been involved in developing art practices crossing a range of disciplines and media in Lebanon and internationally


Home Works III - A Forum on Cultural Practices
lectures, panel discussions, film and video screenings, exhibitions, performances, installations, book launches

mit Steve Kurtz, Lynn Love & Carol Squires, Hazem Saghiyeh, Joe Bahout, & Wissam Saadeh, Zuhair Jezairi, Dalal El Bizri, Islah Jad, Jacques Ranciere, Muhammad Abi Samra, Nadia Bamadhaj, Natasa Ilic, Vasif Kortun, Reine Mahfouz, Tony Chakar, Shirana Shahbazi, Fondation Arabe pour l´Image (FAI), Hashem Madani, Hassan Choubassi, Joana Hadji-Thomas & Khalil Joreige, Rana El Nemr, Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil, Yang Zhenzhong, Ahmad Khaled, Akram Zaatari, Amal Kenaway, Ayreen Anastas, Natasa Illic, Cynthia Madansky, Ghassan Halwani, Maani Petgar, Maher Abi Samra, Otolith (Anjalika Sagar& Kodwo Eshun), Raed el Helou, Raed Yassin, Omar Amiralay, Jalal Toufic, Suhail Shadoud;Yussef Bazzi, Nadine Touma, Walid Sadek, Bilal Khbeiz & Fadi Abdullah, Ali Cherri, Mahmoud Refat, Nadim Mishlawi, Rabih Mroue & Lina Saneh, Walid Ra´ad & Visible Collective / Naeem Mohaiemen