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press release

In 2015 the City Art Gallery Ljubljana is commemorating the 100th anniversary of the first “suprematist object” by the Russian artist Kazimir Malevich, the painting originally titled Quadrangle but famous under the name Black Square on a White Background (1915), now at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

The opening of the exhibition will be on Wednesday, 24 June, at 8 pm at the City Art Gallery of Ljubljana.

The Black Square was first displayed at the Last Futurist Exhibition 0.10 in Petrograd (now St. Petersburg) in 1915. It is the first abstract painting and belongs, together with Duchamp’s ready-made, to the foreground of 20thcentury art as it decisively characterised not only the geometric abstraction of Classical Modernism, but as well as Constructivism, Minimalism, Neo-geo and various postmodern art movements. The work represents a shift in art, or in the artistic interpretation of the world; it does not depict the visible anymore, it changes our perceptions of the world, it alters our view. The framed painting, which contains “nothing”, establishes itself as a window that invites us to lean through and step over the illusions. It wants us to look at the world directly, in its true reality.

The exhibition’s core will be artists who were crucial for a revival of Malevich’s art in Slovenia and former Yugoslavia in the 1980s’. We will meet retro avant-garde art strategies of Kazimir Malevich (Goran Đorđević) with a reconstruction of the Last Futurist Exhibition in St. Petersburg (1985/86), Mladen Stilinović with his cycle The Exploitation of the Dead (1984-1990) and the artistis’ collective Irwin will present paintings, videos and the installation titled Corpse of Art.

Malevich was an inspiration for artists such as Yves Klein, Ad Reinhard, Donald Judd, Lucio Fontana, Soll Lewitt, Heinz Mack, Gerhard Merz, Richard Serra, Günther Uecker and many others.

Curated by Mateja Podlesnik