press release

This is the first in a series of exhibitions dedicated to exhibition posters and artist's posters. All of the posters displayed come from an extraordinary private collection that was begun in the 1960s, and which now comprises roughly 15,000 posters of this type. The project is divided into three chapters, and, as the title suggests (a title borrowed from a group of works by the American artist Allen Ruppersberg), the posters are selected and arranged according to different criteria. In the first chapter, which will be completed with a second exhibition held immediately after this one, various artists who have devoted special attention to this medium are highlighted. In the second chapter, set to be held in October 2016, the posters will be selected and arranged according to a classificatory system. Finally, in the third and last chapter, planned for the beginning of 2018, the selected posters will be arranged in chronological order. This first exhibition allows us to understand how an object whose purpose is to advertise, and which only has a short life cycle, has been consistently appropriated and how highly it is valued by many artists.