press release

Questions of social affiliation play a major part in the photographs, films and sculptural works of the Paris-based artist Mohamed Bourouissa. Peripheral locations and life are usually central to his artistic work, which nevertheless avoids adopting ajudgmental perspective on everyday living conditions. Bourouissa presents the social and urban reality of the suburbs as a neutral observer, while at the same time developing an emphatic approach to the protagonists in his works. The initial, documentary impression that his art makes is undermined by the thoughtfulness of his compositions and the mise-en-scène of his socially-interactive figures, which together bring out the independence of art’s approach to the socio-critical issues of our age. Periphery and center, as well as marginalized areas of subcultures and the allegedly high cultures are thereby central contradictions of his artistic practice. The comprehensive exhibition "Hustling" at basis e.V. presents his work for the first time in the German-speaking countries.