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'I am a Curator' is an ambitious new project that empowers the viewer, giving Chisenhale Gallery's visitors the chance to be a curator for one day Prospective visitors can book a one-day slot at Chisenhale, and each individual is then given the opportunity to curate their own exhibition during the day. Each curator will be able to select artworks housed in a specially constructed architectural environment designed by Gavin Wade and Celine Condorelli. Here, there will be a large and diverse pool of work available to each curator: sculpture, video, sound works, painting, performance proposals, drawing, social intervention and action descriptions 'I am a Curator' is initiated and directed by Per Hüttner, a Paris-based Swedish artist-curator. To realise the project, Hüttner is collaborating with a number of international artists, curators, artist-groups, architects, organisers, critics, assistants and designers 'I am a Curator' is an experiment in democratising the curatorial process For Hüttner, democracy comes with great responsibility, and his project aims to encourage a dialogue about the complexity of the curatorial process. It also seeks to engage the visitor in a debate about the limits of interpretation of an artwork. The project starts with the question: what are the intentions of the artist, and are those intentions more truthful than the interpretation of the visitor? Per Hüttner divides his time between a solo photography-based practice that investigates notions of pleasure and pain and their position within our media saturated society; and his curatorial projects, the latter often involving a degree of intervention on the part of others Per Hüttner's recent exhibitions and projects include: Kontainer, Los Angeles (solo, 2003); Redefining the La-La-La Landscape, Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver (2003); Fadren, Platform, Vasa, Finland (solo, 2002); 3 in 1, Nylon Gallery, London (2001); All we need is a preacher and a Motel, La Friche Belle de Mai, Marseille (2001). Per Hüttner was co-founder and co-director of Konstakuten, an artist-run space in Stockholm from 1996-2001, and was founder-director of The Hood Gallery, Los Angeles (2002-2003)

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I am a Curator - a project by Per Huttner
New commission that empowers the viewer, giving Chisenhale Gallery's visitors the chance to be a curator for one day

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