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What is it that creates community? How do we define, describe and distinguish what constitutes the common in a neighbourhood? And is it so, that we need places where we are forced to meet other people?

We all have needs for contact and to be seen, yet we often tend to avoid contact with our neighbours. We’d rather not get involved. Sometimes we might plan our laundry schedule so that no one else is washing at the same time, not in order to have the whole laundry room to ourselves, but to avoid having to talk to our neighbour.

As Konsthall C re-opens after the summer, the original thoughts about community planning in Hökarängen are set in focus. The central laundry had here a prominent role as both a functional facility and a meeting place. Doing our laundry is something we all have in common, but the laundry room was also intended to be a natural place for encounters. In the exhibition “I never talk to my neighbour” we turn the laundry room inside out, as we project these thoughts onto the neighbourhood. Here we want to activate and make visible a few places we find in common, and create new spaces for us to meet.


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I never talk to my neighbour

mit Lisa Nybergn Lisa Torell, Nanna Debois Buhl, New Beginings