press release

Ian Cooper's video "Constellations Align (BFF & GFF)" explores the adolescent notions of destined love and perfect companionship. Inspired by the well-known spaghetti scene from Disney's animated classic Lady and the Tramp, "Constellations Align (BFF & GFF)" depicts a world so heavily tilted by the cosmos that "star-crossed lovers" actually become physically entangled in a network of telephone cords. The video is a string of vignettes that alternate between two sets of partners - one pair of teenaged best friends and another pair of adult lesbian lovers. Cinematic split-screen effects are used throughout the video to join the four figures and trace their attempt to satisfy a common longing for connection. The seemingly endless loop of short vignettes appears to have no specific trajectory, affording time for the viewer to get caught up in the micro-dramas of coy finger play and flirtatious cord twirling

Ian Cooper
Constellations Align (BFF & GFF)
Kurator: Nu Nguyen