press release

Opening Reception Friday 12 December, 2008

In the wake of the failure of the great narratives of community, ’If we can’t get it together’ sheds light on the creation of temporary social formations in public and private life. A fascination in exploring these ‘new communities’ underscores the work of the artists in the exhibition. By interrogating notions of post-national communities, their practices critically engage with ideas about how we position ourselves as individuals in a society where mechanisms of global migration are provoking structural change; how to conceive of communal spaces; and to what extent communities influence the quality of the public sphere. Focusing on recent art projects, the exhibition examines some of the different characteristics that construct communities, and investigates how we see, experience, and change the public sphere.

‘If we can't get it together’ Curated by Nina Möntmann

Shaina Anand (Mumbai) / Egle Budvytyte (Rotterdam/Lithuania) / Kajsa Dahlberg (Malmö /New York) / Hadley+Maxwell (Vancouver/Berlin) / Luis Jacob (Toronto) / Hassan Khan (Cairo, Egypt) / Michael Rakowitz (New York/Chicago) / Emily Roisdon (New York) / Haegue Yang (Berlin, Seoul).

If we can't get it together
Kurator: Nina Möntmann

Künstler: Shaina Anand, Egle Budvytytes, Kajsa Dahlberg, Hadley + Maxwell, Luis Jacob, Hassan Khan, Michael Rakowitz, Emily Roysdon, Haegue Yang