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The Drawing Center is pleased to present the first North American solo museum exhibition of work by the Berlin-based artist Ignacio Uriarte. Inspired by his former career in business administration, Uriarte showcases the aesthetics of the office and its travails. Creating what he can with what is immediately available to him, Uriarte converts the information, skills, and objects encountered in the workplace into explorations of plane geometry and pure abstraction. His drawings, at turns bold and subtle, improvised and predetermined, occupy a zone somewhere between the febrile forces of the imagination and the stultifying culture of office life. This exhibition is curated by Joanna Kleinberg Romanow, Assistant Curator.

Curated by Joanna Kleinberg Romanow, Assistant Curator

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Ignacio Uriarte
Line of Work
Kuratorin: Joanna Kleinberg Romanow